Programs and Workshops - Naturelogues

Our slide programs cover a wide range of topics from US National Parks to finding nature right in our own back yards. They have been enjoyed by many audiences, from children to seniors, and everyone in between!  We offer photo workshops that vary in length from one to four hours and are accessible to photographers of any skill level.  Simply contact us to arrange a program for your group!

Nature at Your Doorstep

If you think you have to travel to the far corners of the earth to explore the beauty of the natural world, think again! Birds, flowers, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians abound in New York's Capital Region and just beyond. This program highlights the species that can be found in our own backyards and just a few hours’ drive beyond. Some of the region’s most popular natural areas are included in this program. So come and watch, then get out and enjoy nature right in our own region!

Snowy Cardinal

Nature's Beauty From Coast to Coast

From sandy Atlantic beaches, to rocky Pacific cliffs; from lush valleys full of ferns and flowers to stark deserts; from lofty mountains to flowing rivers, our country offers a vast array of habitats and scenery. Join us as we explore many of these natural places of immense beauty.

Windows Sunset

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

We all enjoy the birds in our own backyards. In this slide-illustrated program, we cover the basics of attracting birds with food, water, and shelter. We cover types of feeders and feed, plantings and cover for birds, and common questions such as squirrels and hawks. Photographs show many of the common and less common backyard visitors to the northeast. Enjoy the show, and bring your questions!

**Note: We also offer an expanded, two-hour version of this program as a workshop, offered to educational groups.

Snowy Blue Jay

America's National Parks

From Maine’s rocky coast to Florida’s everglades, through the great plains and badlands, to the mountains and deserts of the west, and on to the unique habitats of Hawaii and Alaska, we explore through photography the scenic wonders and wildlife diversity preserved through our National Park System.

Old Faithful

Florida's Everglades

Purple Gallinules, Roseate Spoonbills, nesting wading birds and wintering passerines; alligators, crocodiles, and colorful tree snails; all are part of the rich yet fragile Everglades. From the ”River of Grass” to Florida Bay, we explore this park’s major habitats and share its best birding areas through pictures. The program concludes with a photo/music tour of this remarkable place. Discover what draws us again and again to spend a day - or even a week - in the Everglades.

Female Anhinga

Birding South Florida

From its sandy beaches and cypress swamps, to its city parks, to the magnificent grassy river of the everglades, south Florida continues to be a major destination for birds and birders.  Hawks, songbirds, and waterfowl abound, not to be outdone by a wonderful array of wading and shore birds.  Join us as we explore some of the hottest of south Florida's birding hotspots!

Roseate Spoonbill

The Nature of South Florida

So many people come to south Florida, and it's no surprise! The sun, the warmth, the beautiful beaches; its a destination for relocating, retiring, or just escaping to for a couple of weeks during the winter.  For however long your visit may be, we encourage you to take advantage of the beautiful natural history south Florida has to offer.  To that end, we offer this slide program, which features some of our favorite places for doing just that!

Liguus Tree Snail, Brown

From Sea to Sea: Birding Southern California

The advice to birders who want to see a lot of birds is often, "visit a lot of different habitats." For large numbers of very different habitat types, southern California is a winner. Our photo journey takes us from isolated islands off the Pacific coast near Ventura Beach to an inland sea created by an accident of nature. In between we encounter lush wetlands, barren deserts, scrublands, dry riverbeds, and city parks.  Many habitats, many birds.           

Santa Cruz Island

On the Edge: The Harrowing Lives of Birds

They fly. They sing. They are beautiful. One might thing that the life of a bird is all adventure, music, and romance. But for these tiny creatures, it often takes great vigilance just to survive. In this program we explore some of the strategies used by birds to successfully make their way in an often hostile environment.

New York State

Valley of Birds: Birding the Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley of west Texas is a birder's paradise. Here we can find large numbers of birds, many of which are uncommon here in the US. For some species this is the only place in the US that they can be found.  In this program we take our viewers to some of our favorite locations in The Valley and look at some of the many avian species that can be seen here.  

Buff-bellied Hummingbird

Exploring Alaska

Great forests, tundra, glaciers, and fjords surround the tallest mountain in North America! Even today, Alaska still looms as a last frontier, wholly remote and teeming with wildlife. It is with a sense of wonder and awe that we present our own impressions as we explore this wonderful land from Juneau to Barrow.

Grizzly Bear

Picturing Nature: A Practical Guide to Nature Photography

Suitable for all levels of photographers with a variety of equipment, this program covers basic elements including light, composition, and focus, and how they apply to close-ups, landscapes, and wildlife photography. We also discuss tools and techniques in the field, and simple editing.

**Note:  This is available as a one-hour overview program, as one two-hour session, or as two two-hour sessions.

Bumble Bee